I am new to bitcoin. Where should I go?

We recommend weusecoins. It has nicely laid out information about bitcoin from beginner to advanced levels

What is Instant Search functionality about?

Instant Search shows you balance and transaction history of bitcoin address. The results are displayed on the fly as the user keys in the address.

How to quickly monitor my address /tx ?

Search the address(es) you want to monitor and then click Monitor button. You will receive a push notification when confirmed tx occurs on this address. This feature works only on Chrome 42+. Push notifications work even when you are not actively browsing the website. Also to avoid spam, it sends out only one notification irrespective of number of transactions. For repeated notifications you can click on monitor again or use Wallet Watcher.

What does pending transactions mean on search page ?

The pending transactions on the search page show the unconfirmed (zero confirmations) and partially confirmed (one confirmation) happening on the address.

Once the transaction gets two confirmations on blockchain, it ll be moved to transaction history tab.

How to search wallet/multiple addresses

The search feature allows you to key in multiple addresses at a time and check the aggregate transaction history, balance of all the addresses in a single go. Multiple addresses can be keyed in separated by comma, space or newline.

How to search HD wallet?

Using extended public key you can view all balances/transactions of your HD wallet. Extended public key starts with 'xpub' and is used to derive all bitcoin addresses in your wallet. Follow given instructions to locate extended public key for your wallet:

  • Electrum 2.x: Wallet > Master Public Keys
  • Mycelium: Accounts > Select account > Select Export from Menu > Show Public
  • myTREZOR: Basic settings > Show XPUBs
  • Blockchain.info: Settings > Addresses > Show xPub > Continue
  • Copay.io: Settings > Advanced > Wallet Information > EXTENDED PUBLIC KEYS
  • Ledger: Chrome Extension > Select Account > Account Settings > Extended public key > Export
  • Airbitz: Transactions screen > 3 dots > Export > Wallet Public Seed (XPub) > View or Save
  • Bitcoin Wallet (Android): 3 dots > Settings > Diagnostics > Show xpub > Share to clipboard, email

How to search a vanity address?

A vanity address is a personalized bitcoin address having a predefined prefix, for more details check here. To search a vanity address type in the prefix, for example 1dice, 1Donate, 1Lucky. Prefixes of 4 - 10 characters are supported. The top five addresses having latest transactions matching the prefix are shown. This feature is no longer available. Please contact webmaster@blockonomics.co for queries/questions.

What are some examples of search?

Wallet/Multiple address search
1Bw1J2b4KF2b9KrQFWzk5Qu8DCf4jWMEBi 1Bw1rHnZDLqeEdvj1XBkuA7Ls9JgLn3uCN 1dice8EMZmqKvrGE4Qc9bUFf9PX3xaYDp, 1LuckyG4tMMZf64j6ea7JhCz7sDpk6vdcS, 1NFyuQ5MZZBWmLJ6FwgmtVv1cSyhiekG9q HD wallet search
xpub6BfKpqjTwvH21wJGWEfxLppb8sU7C6FJge2kWb9315oP4ZVqCXG29cdUtkyu7YQhHyfA5nt63nzcNZHYmqXYHDxYo8mm1Xq1dAC7YtodwUR Multiple HD wallet search xpub6BfKpqjTwvH21wJGWEfxLppb8sU7C6FJge2kWb9315oP4ZVqCXG29cdUtkyu7YQhHyfA5nt63nzcNZHYmqXYHDxYo8mm1Xq1dAC7YtodwUR xpub661MyMwAqRbcGJRSqFchVsmi1RvxEb546fePRgitBdSxrxgbw9uJCkUoXWmmVmsK3oYh5mMKSqd7TZ69jKf5DeCvWYyDfpn2Yp4ubeRkUph

How to get started?

Go to address watcher tab, add bitcoin addresses you want to monitor. Assign tags to your addresses. View quick overview of balances in the dashboard.

What is the purpose of tags?

Every address in your address watcher can be tagged with your own tags. All addresses having same tag are treated as an aggregated account. For e.g. You may tag multiple addresses as “hot wallet”, to view cumulative balance/transactions of "hot wallet" account

What does History show?

Whenever a transaction happens on your addresses in the block chain, the corresponding credit/debit is recorded in the History.

Track balance history in the graph. Click on a transaction row to locate it on the graph.

What is transaction fee wizard?

This will suggest you optimal transaction fee in BTC based on current bitcoin network conditions. Choose the account you want to spend from, enter the amount and press submit. Please note that this will not spend the amount, as it doesn't have access to your private keys. It is only a suggestion for transaction fee which you must enter in your wallet, before sending out the transaction.

How to get email notifications of transactions on my addresses?

Settings -> Subscribe to transaction notification email.

What are Pending Transactions?

Blockonomics considers a transaction confirmed after getting two confirmations on bitcoin blockchain. Unconfirmed (zero confirmation) and partially confirmed (one confirmation) transactions can be seen in pending transactions

The balance in my wallet is not matching the balance shown in dashboard, why?

Blockonomics requires two confirmations on blockchain to update balance. Check Pending transactions tab for transactions in process.

How secure are my bitcoins?

The website never asks for your private keys. You control your own bitcoins. Only your public bitcoin address is needed to show you the required information.

I am concerned about privacy

We don’t track IP information / keep old logs. We allow upto 50 addresses, you can mask the addresses you control by adding additional dummy addresses. You can use keep using guest login without ever needing to signup with an emailid. You can read more about privacy of bitcoin tracking here.

What if I don't want to register or use my emailid?

Blockonomics provides an option to login as guest for those who don't want to register or use their emailid.

The guest login generates a unique guest emailid, which will be shown after you login as guest. This id can be used to track your bitcoins. The password for the auto generated emailid can be set from the settings page.

How to create invoice?

Goto search page and enter the bitcoin address through which you want to receive payment. Click on Create P2P Invoice. Enter details required and share the generated link to the peer who is required to make payment.

What is P2P invoice?

Peer to peer invoice enables you to receive payments using your own bitcoin address in a secure way. Invoice details are encrypted on your browser and protected using secret key. The secret key is never sent to server, which only stores the encrypted invoice content.

Can I use my existing address to receive payments?

Existing address can be used once all existing payments to the address have been confirmed. Although, a new address is recommended for each payment for privacy purposes.

When will the invoice expire?

The payer has 7 days to pay the invoice. If the invoice is unpaid after this time, it will expire. You should create a new invoice in this case.

What is merchant integration?

Blockonomics allows you to accept bitcoin payments on your website. Payment go directly into your bitcoin wallet. For more information check our blog post.

How to get started?

You need an HD bitcoin wallet, for example blockchain.info, mycelium, trezor and ledger. Goto merchant page and complete the wizard. After this you have to implement our API on your website to receive payments.

What is the pricing?

You can checkout our pricing here

What is automatic gap limit fix?

When you have more than 20 unpaid addresses in a row, HD wallets will stop discovering your funds. Gap limit issue is explained here. Blockonomics will automatically sending small amount of funds to your wallet to fix this. There is no changes in API / and merchant doesn't need to do anything on his side to handle this.

I hit the maximum number of addresses in my plan. How do I continue without paying more fee?

Create a new account in your HD wallet, this will give you a new xpub having zero unused address. Goto wallet watcher, replace your existing xpub with the new one and you are good to go.

I expect large number of payments, I need 20,000 addresses?

We are upgrading our architecture and very soon, we will allow for unlimited number of addresses. For now you have to swap xpub after the limit is reached.

What do I put in the callback url, I don't have a server yet?

Callback url must be a publicly reachable domain/ip. If you don't have a public url and are testing from your local network, we recommend you use Dynamic DNS to get a public url pointing to your computer.

When I call new_address API, I am getting 401/500 status?

Make sure you are using http POST and not GET method. Also make sure you are sending your API key in the authorization header.

I am getting the following error Gap limit exceeded. To fix, please send small amount of BTC to <address>. How to fix this?

This is because you have too many unpaid addresses in a row. To fix this, send small amount to BTC around 0.0001 to the indicated address. If you upgrade to higher plan, system will automatically takes care of this.

I did everything, but not getting callback to my server?

Check logs in the merchant tab, to see where the callback is going and what is the http status. Try generate test payment / update the callback url and try again.

What is BTC mail?

BTC mail is a peer to peer way to send bitcoin using just an email address.

How does it work?

BTC mail uses split key generation for distributed trust.
Basically the sender and blockonomics have only part of the private key but can generate the public bitcoin address. Receiver has both parts of the private key and can claim the bitcoins.

  • Sender generates private_key1 on his browser and shares link having private_key1 with receiver.
  • Blockonomics generates private_key2 on its server and mails it to the reciever as the redeem code.
  • Sender sends public_key1 to blockonomics server which combines public_key1 and public_key2 to generate the final bitcoin address. Sender can then send bitcoins to this address.
  • Receiver combines private_key1 with private_key2 on his browser to claim the bitcoins

How is this better than a centralized service that keeps coins in its vault?

Centralized services can be hacked and can go down anytime. In this case even if blockonomics server is compromised, the hacker cannot take your bitcoins because he will only get a part of the private key.

How is this better than me mailing directly my private key ?

If sender mails his private key, receiver is not sure of complete control of bitcoins. Anytime the sender can withdraw the bitcoins.

I entered a wrong email address, how do I get a refund?

You can visit the redeem link after one week to automatically claim the refund. Note that this is possible only if bitcoins have been not redeemed. If anyone with the redeem link and the redeem code successfully claims the bitcoins before one week, no refund is possible. We don't verify identities and blockonomics part of private_key is deleted from our server on redeem.

What is the price of the service?

This service is completely free of cost.

How do I import the private key in my wallet ?

Instructions coming soon.